Monday, June 11, 2007

Best Natural Acne Skin Care Treatment

Like other peoples we also like to treat our acne to regain our skin back by using acne skin care traetment. I have provided some tips to follow. It will lead your skin back on the road to have the beautiful, silky skin which you had before you suffered from acne.

It is very important to know what is ance, so you can treat your acne very well. A person suffers from acne because their sebaceous glands begin to produce too much oil and when combined with dead skin cells a person's pores will then become blocked. As the pores are blocked they are unable to breathe correctly and then bacteria sets in and so blackheads and whiteheads will begin to erupt on the person's skin.

While washing your face dont scrub the face which leads the acne to be worst. Instead of scrubing wash gently using mild anti-bacterial soap or lotion.

Next you must maintain a good diet. You must have a look what you are eating and drinking. If you eat alot of fried and junk food it will affects your acne very seriously. You should drink lots of fresh water each day. It will help to remove all those unwanted toxins from the body. This is probably the most inexpensive form of acne skin care treatment.

Eat alot of vegetables which is good in Vitamin A and will normally be bright orange or yellow or green in color. By eating plenty of these vegetables such as carrots, sweet corn and broccoli, cabbage etc, it will help you achieve a much better complexion on your skin.

Keeping all the above point in your mind, you should consult a good skin care doctor. He can prescribe a good acne kin care treatment medications which you can find or buy yourselves. No matter what medication you take dont forget to drink alot of fresh water and taking Vitamin A rich vegetables in your diet daily.

By taking above steps in your acne skin care treatment program you should attain the desirable results on seeing yourself in the mirror in a very short period of time.

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