Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blushing Beauty

Blush is used to add color and definition to cheeks. It comes in powder, liquid, and cream form. Powder offers the easiest application and most natural look. Before selecting a blush, make sure it is made for your skin type.
Powder blushers suit oily complexions best because their matte finish won't contribute to shine. You might even investigate oil-free blushers.
The matte finish of a powder blusher is exactly what you don't need if you have drier or more mature skin, however. So choose a cream blusher: Its dewy finish will play down lines and wrinkles.
Cream-powder blushers combine the pliability of a cream with the brush-on ease of a powder and suit any skin type—even mature and oily complexions can wear them.
Remember that color belongs on the high point of your cheek­bones. To find this point, smile broadly, then find the top of the swell with your fingers.
To apply cream blusher: Place a dime-size dot of blusher on each cheek with your fingertip or a cosmetic sponge and blend until you can't see where the blusher begins or ends. If you've applied too much color, gently wipe away the excess with a cosmetic sponge.
To apply powder blusher: Use a round brush just about the width of your cheeks. Touch the bristles of your brush to the cake and tap off excess color. Then apply lightly, blending with light, feathery strokes until you've softened any lines of demarcation. Dust translucent powder over your cheeks to tone down too-bright color.

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