Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Makeup Tips

To create a polished look for all days, follow these steps after you've washed your face and applied moisturizer (for dry or combination skin) or toner (oily skin) and sunscreen:
  1. Apply concealer (one shade lighter than your natural skin tone) to blotchy or darker areas of the face (such as the under-eye area) using fingers or a makeup sponge to camouflage discolorations.
  2. Apply foundation (the same color as your skin) by dotting it all over the face and blending evenly with a makeup sponge to create a smooth, even complexion.
  3. Dust a layer of translucent powder (or pressed powder the same color as your foundation) over the face with a makeup brush or powder puff to set foun­dation.
  4. Apply eye shadows, eyeliner, and/or mascara to accent your eyes. An eyebrow pencil is used to fill in empty sections of brow or to extend them. Before applying any eye makeup, make sure your brows are groomed. Eye shadow is used to add color and definition to the eyes. Mascara is a product used to coat and define eyelashes.
  5. Blush is used to add color and definition to cheeks. Apply blush just below cheekbones with a makeup brush or sponge.
  6. Apply lip liner and two coats of lipstick for the finishing touch. Lip liner is used to prevent lipstick from seeping into fine lines around mouth and also help reshape lip line if needed. Lipstick used to adds color, evens out lips, and even help change the shape of your lips depending on application

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