Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cleanser For All Skin

Selecting the wrong cleanser can throw off the delicate balance of your skin. Always read the label and focus on a cleanser for your particular skin type. Normal, oily, and dry skin each need a differ­ent type of formulation. Here are a few tips to make your cleanser selection a little easier.
Oily Skin Cleanser: Water-based and some­times oil-free. You may select cleansers containing glycerin, alphahydroxy acids, or betahydroxy acids. Gel cleansers are extremely efficient. They rinse well and leave virtually no residue. Dermatologists like to recommend gel (oil-free) cleansers to their oily-skinned patients for this reason.
Dry Skin Cleanser: Water-based lotion and cream cleansers use milder cleansing agents and also have a higher amount of skin-softening oils than the gel cleansers do. Your skin won't tighten after cleansing. Rinse easily.
Normal Skin Cleanser: Wash your face with a neutral (not made for a particular skin type) soap or cleanser (such as Neutrogena for normal skin).Rinse with water.
Extremely Dry Skin Cleanser: Water-based rich cream cleansers have a skin-softening effect on irritated, parched, dry complexions. If just washing your face is an irritating experience, then rich emollients in this type of cleanser will soothe your extra-dry skin. But, if you use this type of formulation, you must rinse and then rinse. Cream cleansers like to linger on the skin. You will need to use smooth sponge to help you completely remove all the product from your face. And if you were considering using a tissue to remove cleanser, forget about it. Tissues irritate dry your skin.
Combination Skin Cleanser: You can probably use a cleanser formulated for normal or oily skin if you’re shiny across your forehead, nose and chin (known as the T-zone). But if you want your very own cleanser, try a cleanser made specifically for combination skin.
Sensitive Skin Cleanser: You can probably use a cleanser formulated for sensitive skin. You may select cleansers containing Hypo allergenic, fragrance free, preservative free, alcohol free and lanolin free.

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