Friday, March 30, 2007

Makeup Storage Tips

If you keep makeup too long it can affect the quality and color of the product as ingredients age and as oils from your fingers and face mix with the cosmetics. It can also allow bacteria or fungi to grow and cause infections, most commonly of the eye or lip. Your makeup tools—brushes, sponges, applicators— can also become filled with makeup and oils, interfering with clean makeup appli­cation and creating another breeding ground for bacteria. To keep your makeup fresh and clean, get in the habit of taking these steps:

  1. Change all eye makeup (liner, shadows, mascara) every three to six months. Liq­uid products should be tossed every three months.
  2. Change other makeup (foundation, powder, concealer )every twelve months.
  3. Change all lip makeup (lipstick, lipliner, lipgloss) every twelve months
  4. Stop using lipstick, lip liner, gloss, and balm if you develop a cold sore or fever blister. Replace the products if you accidentally use them during an infection.
  5. Wash makeup tools every two weeks in mild soap and warm water. Air-dry.
  6. Replace makeup sponges once a month.
  7. Store all makeup products in a dry, cool environment. Keep products tightly closed.

Product How long to keep
Foundation 1 year
Liquid foundation 6 months-1 year
Powder 1-2 years
Blush 1-2 years
Eye liner 3-6 months
Liquid Eye Liner 3 months
Mascara 3 months
Eye Shadow year
Lipstick 1 year

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