Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Powder Perfect

Powder is an important step to enhancing your natural beauty. It enables you to enhance your foundation, get more complete coverage, give more polish to your look, and make makeup last longer. You can also use powder in a com­pact to touch up your complexion throughout the day. Powder is well worth the in­vestment. The key to your selection is, again, skin type. Face powder, which comes in loose, finely milled powder, or pressed forms. Loose power sets makeup and gives it a polished finish, while the heavier pressed powder soaks up oily shine or sub­stitutes for foundation.
For oily skin: Select a loose powder that is formulated to absorb oil. Pressed pow­ders may clog pores.
For normal/combination skin: Use a loose or pressed powder. If you have T-zone skin, select a non oily moisturizing product.
For dry skin: Your best bet is a moisturizing pressed or loose powder.
For sensitive skin: Buy a hypoallergenic loose powder for your skin type.
For hyper pigmenting skin: Select a powder for your skin type whether it is oily, dry, or normal skin. Opt for pigmented powder if your dark marks are not fully cam­ouflaged by foundation.
For Mature skin : A lightly frosted or low-pearl powder, applied to the high point of the cheeks with an oversize fluffy brush.
Powders may be translucent or pigmented to match the color of your foun­dation. For many women, translucent powder will suffice. You may want to use a pigmented powder if you have skin discolorations or unevenness that are still visi­ble; make sure, however, that the powder hue truly blends in and is not too orange or red.

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