Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lip makeup

With lip liners, lipsticks, and gloss you have the tools to create a lovely mouth that can speak volumes.
Lipliner: Lipliners do two things: They prevent lipstick from seeping into fine lines around mouth and also help reshape lipline if needed. The product is very similar to lipstick, but in a waxier formulation. Choose a liner that matches your lipstick color; outline the shape of your mouth with the pencil. You can change the shape of an imperfect pout by patting foundation around your lip lines and draw­ing a line inside or outside the natural line to create the illusion of evenness. Lipliner can also be used in place of lipstick for a more natural look.
Lipstick: Lipstick adds color, evens out lips, and even help change the shape of your lips depending on application. It is the most important makeup product. Lipsticks come in an array of shades and three general formulations: matte (nonshiny), semi-matte (subtle shine), and cream or moisturizing (glossy shine). Matte shades tend to give a more dramatic, movie-star appearance to the face, but they can be drying to the lips. Semi-matte and moisturizing lipsticks give a softer appearance to lips. Apply your lipstick, preferably with a lip brush, right over the softened lip line, being careful not to go outside your lip lines. Blot with tissue and reapply. You shouldn’t see the line at all you’re finished.
Lip Gloss: Used alone or in combination with liner and lipstick, lip gloss adds shine and softness to the lips. Many women these days use gloss alone in nude or neutral shades for a low-maintenance look. If your lips are frequently dry, cracked, or peeling owing to cold weather or drying matte lipsticks, add a vaseline to your routine. Apply a vaseline or lip balm before applying lip liner and lipstick to protect lips from the elements. In the summer, apply an SPF 15 lip balm. Also use chapstick at nighttime to prevent your dry, cracked lips while you are asleep.

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